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Mezzanines & Work Platforms

Mezzanines & Work Platforms

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Mezzanines – Use existing space without the costs and disruption of new construction

Customized Mezzanine Solutions. Utilize your existing space without the cost and disruption of new construction.

Easy to install, move and expand, our mezzanine solutions offers wide-span and multi-level units to provide additional flexibility. Custom mezzanines provide additional space for:

Additional manufacturing space
Second level storage
Multi-level offices
Conveyor support platforms
Equipment support platforms
Maintenance catwalk access

Advantages of a mezzanine over new construction include:

Qualification for accelerated depreciation similar to capital equipment
Flexible design ready for expansion
Fast, easy installation in days not weeks or months
More cost effective
Utilizes existing space within your facility

We have the custom engineered solution to provide additional space for your:

Manufacturing facility
Distribution Center
Stock rooms
Retail or wholesale facility
Health Club
Exhibit Hall
Records storage center

Utilize your existing space which you are paying to light, heat, and insure to provide valuable and cost-effective solutions without the cost and disruption of new construction. We can engineer the custom solution to fit your needs!

Optimized Configuration: SpaceLoft™ custom wide span structural mezzanines help you transform unused overhead space into valuable floor space. Each SpaceLoft™ mezzanine is designed to fit around your existing columns and machinery to help you obtain the greatest amount of usable floor space. Openings and stairways can be located wherever they are needed. Load capacity can be increased in your heavy load areas. Special handling systems can be integrated into the original design.

Our pre-engineered mezzanines offer a simple nut-and-bolt design that allows for future expandability without extensive re-engineering. And any SpaceLoft mezzanine can be dismantled and re-assembled if your facility moves, so you can take your investment with you.

Engineering & Design: A site analysis is conducted to determine clearances, loads, configuration, and work flow patterns (including conveyor equipment). A quotation is usually provided within 48 hours. Dynamic force requirements can be designed in, while concentrated loads and resistance to seismic forces are routinely engineered at the time of quoting. Detailed submittal drawings are forwarded to the customer for approval before the start of any fabrication.

Integration with conveyor and picking systems, modular or custom-built offices, production lines, HVAC, rack and shelving, or a custom support structure present no problem for Schmidt’s experienced engineering team.

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